Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Day 8 - Durras (and no I can't find it on the map either but it's off Bantry Bay!)

Well Dad has had a good day on the bike today. Weather has been great and he has cycled all of the day without his jacket. He is now camping at Durras (which is just below Bantry).

Dad had a good night in the hostel last night. There was only Dad there and after the owners had left Dad spent the evening reading the books in the hostel. Dad slept like a log last night. It had rained most of the night and was still raining this morning so Dad delayed his start of the day til about 9.00 ish.

His route today took him through Connonagh, Leap (now I like that place name) and into Skibbereen where he stopped for breakfast. The cafe he found was a bit "posh" and they didn't do bacon butties so instead Dad had pancakes, maple syrup and bacon (no brown sauce though!) and a coffee.  Very nice.  From there he headed onto Ballydehob (you couldn't make up these place names if you tried!).  Dad was taken "a bit short" and stopped up a quiet country lane for a "comfort-break". No sooner had he got off his bike that a car came round the corner and stopped to ask if Dad was ok and if he needed any help!  From there Dad headed off to Schull and stopped for lunch in cafe. It was then onto Goleen where Dad stopped to do a shop. However they had no cup-a-soup in the shop so that put Dad's evening menu in disarray!  However he picked up some other provisions.  Dad then headed off to Mizen Head which is the most south westerly point of Ireland.  Dad had his photo taken by the sign (the first time the camera has been out and we are on day 8!).  Dad then had to cycle the 4km back down the road he'd just come along and back into Goleen and onto the campsite at Durras. Dad has used this campsite before when he and his pal cycled from Mizen Head to Malin Head (Ireland end to end).

Dad has had a great day on the bike today, great weather and great views.  Tonight on the menu was a tin of lamb curry and a tin of butter beans followed by banana and yoghurt.  Not found any windfalls today except some blackberries but he did find a jacket on the side of the road and riffled through the pockets looking to see if there was a spare wallet inside !  He has also been invited across to a camper van for wine this evening.

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