Monday, September 20, 2010

Day 20 - Clifden

Dad has made it to Clifden. He's had a good day on the bike ... the sun has been out he'll be regretting posting that suncream and sunglasses back to me !

He had a good night last night. The B&B was very good and hospitable. He decided after speaking to me to go and wander to find the local pub. He'd been walking about 10 minutes when he spotted someone coming in the opposite direction so Dad asked how far the pub was, about two miles was the reply ! Dad decided he wasn't that desperate for a pint so headed back to the B&B. He'd got some emergency food rations so had an evening in watching the X-factor !

He set off this morning after a HUGE Irish Breakfast. It took him 20 minutes cycle past the "local" pub so Dad was glad he hadn't carried on walking to it.  The route took him through Carna to Glinsk and then onto Toombeola.  Dad found a cafe in Roundstone for lunch. He then had a look around the harbour at Roundstone and then onto Ballyconneely and finally onto Clifden.  Dad is currently staying in the Brookside Hostel in Clifden and for anyone looking for a new business venture the Hostel is currently up for sale !

I've been tracking down some contact information for a pal of Dad's, Dave Boot who lives in Clifden. Well we managed to track down a phone number and Dad has been in contact and they are meeting up tonight.  In a strange coincidence the hostel Dad is staying in his currently owned by one of Dave relatives Richard !  So Dave's wife is coming to pick Dad up from the hostel. No doubt there will be a couple of pints downed tonight !

This week is Arts Week in Clifden so Dad has been for a wander around to see what's on offer. He found that Mike Harding had been on earlier in the day. Dad went to see him many years ago.

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  1. Well I'm sure an evening of having to watch the X-Factor will reinvigorate Jack for some more cycling!