Sunday, September 19, 2010

Day 19 - Kilkieran

Well Dad has had a much better day on the bike today ... it only rained for about an hour. He also knocked off early so that he could watch the the All Ireland SFC final (Cork v Down).  He's found himself a B&B in Kilkieran (Hillside House) and arrived just in time to watch the game. This B&B is much better than last nights and for the same price !

Today he has cycled along the Connemara coast and much of it was through wilderness.  His route took him through Bearna, Spideal and into Inveran. It was then onto Costelloe where he got lost and ended up down a cul-de-sac. He stopped and asked directions (apparently men do that when they are on a bike) and got back on track. It was then on through Gortmore and into Kilkieran.  His Irish breakfast this morning in the B&B kept him going much of the day.  However he's just had a couple of scones and cake with his cup of tea in the B&B.  Not sure what he's doing for tea tonight but no doubt there will be a pub stop at some point !

Tomorrow he is heading to Clifden.

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