Friday, September 10, 2010

Day 10 - Kenmare

Only had a brief conversation with Dad tonight as his mobile has run out of credit and he was calling from a payphone and you don't get long to chat. He is staying in Kenmare Youth Hostel and will be there for tonight and tomorrow night. Dad will have a leisurely day tomorrow doing his laundry and watching the triathlon that is in town.

His route has been along Ring of Beara which has taken him along the Beara peninsula through Ardgroom and Tragalee and onto Kenmare.

I've eventually managed to put some more money on his mobile ... but Asda don't make it easy. I tried ringing them up asking them if the could debit my credit card but they insisted I drove over to Asda to buy a voucher and to call them back. I then had to listen to "your call is important to us" while they kept me on hold! I was NOT pleased !

Thanks to Rob I've now got some literature on cycling in Ireland and book on campsites, so hopefully it will be easier to track Dad!

Not sure if I'll get to speak to Dad tomorrow as I'm down in London so there might not be any updates so it will probably be an epic update on Sunday.

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