Wednesday, September 1, 2010

He's off ...

Been to wave Dad off from Crewe station this morning. His train was at 10.47 so we arranged to meet outside the station just after 10.  Dad was already there when I got to the station. He'd had a good ride from Stoke to Crewe. He then decided to go and get some top-up for his mobile ... nothing like leaving it til the last minute Dad!

We found the platform the train was departing from and headed on down - thankfully they had a lift.  Dad had to take everything off his bike but luckily he'd got a HUGE orange bivy bag to put in all the stuff. Crumbs the bag was heavy ! My job was portering and I was in charge of the bike (a lot of responsibility there!!!).  We'd got plenty of time. Jean Fuller popped down to wish Dad well and I also saw an ex-work colleague so had a chat with him.

 The first five carriages of the train was heading to Holyhead, the rest Chester!  The train pulled into the station and we realised we'd got quite a trek down the platform for the first five carriages and even further for the cycle compartment on the train. In fact it was right at the front on the train. Dad got on the train first with all his panniers and tent and stuff and I stuck the bike half on the train ... well I wasn't going to get on the train in case it pulled out of the station with me on the train (I'd only got two hours on the car park !!!) The guard blew his whistle and I'm still standing with the bike ledged half on the train frantically looking where Dad was.  Luckily he appeared back in the doorway and pulled his bike on. Phew as I was starting to panic.

So Dad is on his way ... hopefully both he, all his stuff and his bike are in the right carriages and they all end up in Holyhead together.  Will post a couple of photos later.

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