Sunday, September 12, 2010

Day 12 - Caherciveen (Ring of Kerry)

Well we've some catching up to do since Friday when Dad ran out of money on his mobile and we had a quick phone box call. I eventually go the mobile sorted but I wasn't round yesterday so Dad didn't ring last night.

Dad spent Friday and Saturday night in the hostel in Kenmare.  Kenmare is a lively town and Dad managed to find a pub on Friday night and had a few beers and some Irish music.  Saturday was a "rest day" and Dad didn't get on the bike, instead he did his laundry and wandered around town and the museum. In the evening he found another pub that was showing the Arsenal/Bolton game.

Today he has moved on to the County of Kerry and is now cycling around the Ring of Kerry.  It was a misty start to the day but it hasn't rained.  He had coffee and a bacon buttie in Sneem and then cycled through Macgillycuddy's Reeks where he was hoping to pick up lunch ... but on reaching the top he found four coaches had arrived and the cafe was full, so Dad cycled on (it was a 20 minute descent) and picked up lunch in Waterville. He then headed onto Caherciveen (which I've seen spelt a couple of different ways!).

He is now camping at Mannix Point campsite. It's a great campsite with kitchen facilities, tables and even a lounge area. Campsite is right by the sea with views of Valentia Island.  Tonight on the menu is cup-a-soup, some poached eggs (the eggs he picked up from the "free" food table at the campsite), bread and some muesli bars.

Dad has been cycling on some very tiny roads, the type that grass grows up the middle of the road. The other day a farm shouted over to Dad that he'd soon be on the motorway .... meaning a B road !  He's also found the roads have many pot-holes or what the Irish call sheep dips. He's had to fasten his front panniers on with some bungee ropes !

Tomorrow he is heading towards the Dingle peninsular.


  1. hi jack just got in frome work,looking forward to see wher you have got to.i did wonder if you woud go to dingel.i spent some time in the 80s ,lovley pepole, good music, good pubs.i,ve had a great time follwing you around on the map best whisher jack and a big thank you to kendie for the blog, its better than the tv. paul. ps sorry about my spellings

  2. Hi Paul
    Glad you are enjoying reading what Jack has been doing ... makes it all worth while doing.
    Best wishes