Saturday, September 18, 2010

Day 18 - Galway (well Salthill)

It's been a wet day on the bike today .... it's rained virtually all day but Dad has made it to Galway, well in fact he's made it passed Galway to a place called Salthill.

He had a good night last night ... first pub he had a meal (baked cod and vegetables), the second pub he sat chatting to a Canadian couple and the third and final pub for the night there was Irish Music and Irish Dancing. Apparently it was audience participation. Just glad they didn't get Dad dancing ... he has his own style of dancing!

He packed up this morning in the rain (wet tent weighs heavier on the bike) and set off and then remembered he'd forgotten his water bottle (the one for his bike not one to keep him warm in the tent !) so he looped back to the hostel and picked it up.  His route took him from Doolin to Ailladie and onto Murroogh where he found a Post Office and posted back his customary parcel of things he no longer needs! Oh I wait with baited breath to find out what I've got this time ! It was then onto Ballyvaughan were he had coffee and a scone and then onto Kinvara passing by The Burren which is large limestone slabs on the way.  Following a cafe lunch in Kinvara Dad continued onto Kilcolgan, Oranmoor where Dad picked up the dual carriageway into Galway.  On arriving in Galway Dad found that all three hostels were full so he continued on out of town and has found a B&B at Salthill.

Dad has been in search of the pub that serves food which according to the folk in the B&B is "a 10 minute walk away". Dad walked for half an hour, passing two pubs, neither of which sold food, but he did eventually find a shop so it was sandwiches for tea ! 

Tomorrow he is heading towards Clifden and he is hoping for better weather !


  1. Greetings to Jack! We are the Canadian couple referred to in your posting of the 18th. I can't tell you how much we enjoyed your company at Gus O'Connor's Pub on Friday night. It was a treat to meet and chat with you. I can't imagine cycling around this beautiful country with its narrow and winding roads. We are in the middle of our three-week tour of Ireland and from here on in, every time we order a pint of Guinness we will pause and drink a toast to dear Jack. Take care Jack and safe home.

    Marty and Pat
    Ancaster, Ontario

  2. Marty & Pat - thanks for getting in touch. My Dad will be really pleased.

    Cheers - to your next pint of Guinness !