Sunday, September 5, 2010

Day 5- Youghal

Spoke to Dad twice tonight ... first time he was in a pub in Youghal having a drink with Jake Kretchsmer - my cousin's eldest son.  Had a quick chat with Dad and Jake and Dad said he'd phone back later.

True to his word, after a couple of pints of Guinness Dad phoned again. He is now staying in the Evergreen Hostel in Youghal. He is glad he is in the hostel as it's lashing down outside !  It's been fine all day but just as Dad got in to Youghal about 4.30 it started to rain and it's not stopped since! 

Today's route has taken him from the campsite just outside Waterford and down into Tranmore.  However where there is a "down" into there is an "up" out of ... and after riding along by the beaches Dad had to cycle up out of the town. Dad then took the Copper Coast Road to Bunmahon where Dad had a look around a Geological Park and a Copper mine.  He then headed onto Dungarvan but being a Sunday most places were closed. However he eventually found a Subway and managed to get a bacon buttie and a coffee.  From there he headed onto Ringville where he cycled out to the head but found it was a cul-de-sac and had to cycle back !  He then headed onto Ardmore and got chatting to a guy who was telling him about The Cliff House Hotel - with rooms costing around £250 a night - I think that's a bit out of his pocket !  From there Dad cycled over the bridge and into Youghal.

Dad is impressed with the hostel and at 20 Euros a night, it's a snip after the Cliff House Hotel ! Dad has bedroom and shower and there are only a couple of other people staying there. 

Jake came and met Dad at the hostel and they both headed off to the pub in the rain where Dad meet his wife, children and mother-in-law ... so it's been a right family gathering tonight!

Tomorrow Dad is heading towards Kinsale which is just past Cork.

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