Friday, September 24, 2010

Day 24 - Bundoran

Well the weather has been good today ... I knew Dad was due a good day! In fact no rain and at times sun!  Dad is staying in the Holmefield Rock Hostel in Bundoran.  A very lively backpackers hostel and probably not Dad's cup of tea ! He is now right on the border of Northern Ireland but the coastal region is still Southern Ireland. I'm hoping he'll hurry up and get over the border as I'm putting credit on his mobile phone so he can ring me and it's costing me a fortune!

Dad had a good night last night. He found a pub and had a meal and Guinness. This morning he set off on a full Irish Breakfast which kept him going til lunch.  His route today took him on the N59 through Beltra and onto Ballysadare where the river was really flowing which isn't surprising with all the rain they've had these last few days.  Dad has noticed as he's been cycling around that most farms seem to have a donkey in their fields. In Ballysadare Job and his wife who he'd meet a few days ago caught up with him and they stopped for a chat. From there Dad headed onto Sligo. At first he'd had to cycle along the dual carriageway (N4) but eventually found a smaller road to cycle along. Out of Sligo it was also a busy road. Dad cycled along the N15 and stopped off at Drumcliff for lunch where there was a 12th Century monastery. At Cliffoney Dad saw a sign for a hostel in10km at Ballintrillick and headed off to find it. When he got there it was full. A group of people had booked it for a Relaxation Weekend!  Dad got some instructions on how to find Holmefield Rock Hostel and Dad had a nice relaxing cycle through the lanes to Kinlough.  Eventually he arrived at Bundoran which is a busy sea-side town where there are lots of surfing activities.

Dad is heading out tonight to find a pub for something to eat.

Tomorrow is heading for Killibegs.

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  1. Well a donkey in a field on a farm is a lot more appropriate than the horses in Dublin being kept in front yards/public grass etc.

    Glad he's finally had some good weather. Maybe it'll get better around N.I.

    Fingers crossed