Friday, September 3, 2010

Day 3 - Wexford

Just spoken to Dad. He is now in Wexford camping at Ferrybanks campsite. It's a council run campsite but has lots of facilities, including a room with tables and chairs, kitchen and a swimming pool !

He's had a good day on the bike. Weather has been great again, but a little cooler than yesterday.  He left Wicklow Head about 8.30 this morning (the campsite was called Silver Strand) after a good nights sleep - he was in bed by 9.00 pm last night as there was no pub! There was a donkey close by that kept on hee-hawing through the night ... probably thought my Dad's snoring was another donkey ! 

He headed off through a place called Jack's Hole and onto Brittas Bay. Dad said the beaches are lovely and the one at Brittas Bay stretched on for a few miles.  From Brittas Dad headed onto Arklow where he stopped for coffee and a bacon buttie. It was then onto Castle Town and onto Courtown where Dad had a look around the harbour. He also passed through Ballymoney (I didn't expect it to be spelt like that !) where dad spotted his first thatched cottage .... many more followed though ! It was then on through Blackwater, Curracloe and onto Wexford.

Dad is off the pub tonight for a meal and I've just told him European qualifiers are on tonight so he's hoping to see some football.

Tomorrow he is heading for Waterford.

On a slightly different note ... I've been to Crewe station again today. In fact since I saw Dad off on Wednesday, I've been every day. Tomorrow I'm planning on giving Crewe station a miss!

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