Thursday, September 9, 2010

Day 9 - Berehaven/Castletownbere

Dad is camping at Berehaven Golf Club tonight. When I spoke to him it had just started to rain. He'd managed to pitch the tent in the dry but by the time he'd had his shower it had started to rain.

Last night he had a good night. He spent an hour or so with some fellow campers (Dave, Sue and their dog) chatting over a glass or two of wine. The downside of drinking wine is that Dad had to get up in the night for the call of nature. Unfortunately this time he'd taken his head torch (don't visualise that head torch bobbing up and down!) and on getting back to the tent he'd forgot to turn it off come this morning the batteries were dead! Luckily he managed to pick some up today but spending a penny last night cost him 6 Euros in new batteries!

Dad set of this morning just after 9.00 and headed through Durras and onto Bantry. He stopped off in Ballylickey for coffee but they had no bacon sandwiches so it was a cake instead.  He then headed along the coast to Adrigole where he stopped in a pub for sandwiches and a pot of tea.  Dad then headed onto Castletownbere and the Berehaven Golf Club.  Dad had been hoping to get a meal in the Golf Club tonight but has found out it's closed (probably saw he wasn't appropriately dressed for a Golf Club!) so on the menu tonght is cup-a-soup (he's managed to stock up on them), corned beef and some stone bread (which he reckons must be good as it's very heavy !!!), rice pudding and a banana.  The only windfall he found today was either a small marrow or large courgette and he left that for someone else pick up as he wasn't sure how to cook it!

It looks like the rain is set in for the night but apparently they will leave the Golf House open so if it gets very bad Dad is going to sleep in there!  However the forecast is for better weather over the next few days.

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