Saturday, September 4, 2010

Day 4 - Waterford

Dad is now in Waterford but it's been wet, wet, wet on the bike today. The rain started just about 9.00 am and it didn't stop til 3.30 pm! 

Dad had a good night last night. After I spoke to him he headed off to the Bridge Hotel and had steak and a Guinness. He then headed into Wexford and found a pub that was showing the England game so he managed to see the second half and three goals, chat to the locals ... all that and a pint of Guinness !

This morning Dad set off from Wexford about 8.30 and headed for Rosslare. Dad didn't go down to the harbour just passed through the village. From there it was onto Bridgetown and into Killmore (he missed out going through Bastardstown !!!). Dad couldn't find a cafe but did find a pub. However it wasn't open but they made him a cup of coffee and didn't charge him for it!  He then headed back off in the rain to Killmore Quay which had a lovely harbour.  It was then onto Duncormick and into Wellingtonbridge (I don't think the Irish do spaces in their place names !).  Dad found a pub and had soup, a BLT and a pot of tea for 7 Euros.  After lunch he headed to Arthurstown and Ballyhack where he caught the ferry across to Duncannon. On further to Dunmore East and down found a camp site past Wexford airport in a place called Tranmore. 

A good campsite (possibly this one) with kitchen and a lounge for campers. However it's now stopped raining. For tea tonight there is not much cooking ... cup-a-soup, tuna baps and banana and custard!  He's just found out there is pub close by so he's off later to sup another Guinness. 

It's very misty at the moment and even though the campsite has sea-views Dad hasn't actually seen the sea !

Today has been a hard day on the bike, so tomorrow Dad is hoping for an easier day.

I've been having a giggle at some of the other places Dad missed out on passing through today ...Nymphall, Horsequarter, Portally, Leaperstown, Killowen and Knockenduff !


  1. hi jack i,ve got the maps out and folling your routs dayley hop you fined anice dry pub whithe abit of music to night best of luck. paul

  2. You can't beat the Irish for place names.