Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Day 22 - Belmullet

Well it's been a rainy day on the bike today, in fact it's rained most of the day and at some times it was very heavy rain. Dad now knows why the fields are green and the river and lakes are deep .... it's because it rains a lot in Ireland.   Tonight Dad is in the Kilcommon Lodge in a place call Pallathomas which is close to Belmullet.

Dad had a good night last night. He went down the pub and found they were showing the Arsenal v Tottenham game. He also got an emergency plumber related telephone call from me - I'd got no hot water or heating !!!!  Managed to sort it and hopefully it's ok now - phew !  At half time Dad headed over to another pub and meet up with an Australian solicitor named Warwick.  They had a good evening chatting.

Today started off dry. Dad headed from Westport to Newport. It was then onto Rosturk (on the N59) where Dad enjoyed the sea views.  He carried on to Mulranny but there was no cafe for lunch so he biked on to Ballycroy (which I can't find on a map so probably spelt it wrong!) but it had a pub and Dad stopped off for lunch in the pub. They only had sandwiches and, as is usually case in the Irish pubs, the only sandwiches that they did were ham and cheese, so Dad had sandwiches and a pot of tea for lunch and all for 4 Euros ! There was an old chap in the pub who had obviously supped quite a few that morning and if he asked Dad once, he asked him a dozen times which part of England was he from ! Dad managed to avoid a heavy downpour while he had lunch in the pub and following lunch he nipped into the National Park information centre to try and keep out of the rain. He then biked onto Bangor (I'm starting to think he's taken a wrong turn and has somehow ended up in Wales !). Dad spotted a sign for the hostel and cycled on along Lake Carrowmore which is about 5 miles long.  Dad stopped in the Spa shop in Barnatra to stock up on supplies and there happened to be a Postman so Dad asked him for directions. The hostel turned out to be another 7 miles down the road, 5 miles which happened to be uphill and the remaining 2 downhill !

Dad also passed an eco warrior camp at Broadhaven bay and got chatting to one of the activists who was out on their bike. Apparently they are protesting about Shell laying oil pipes in the bay and have been there for 5 years now.  That's a lot of camping.

Tonight Dad is staying in and has on the menu cup-a-soup, meatballs and butter beans followed by rice pudding and yoghurt.

Tomorrow is heading towards Sligo.

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