Saturday, June 6, 2009

Workington - lunch stop.

Just had a quick phone call from Dad. They were outside Wilkinsons in Workington (I wouldn't like trying to say that in a hurry!). He has just nipped in for a couple of brake blocks - apparently Wilkinson's brake blocks are a good price! - and his pal needs some sort of cable! Bike repairs on the go by the look of it.

They had a good night last night. Dad and his pal headed off to the pub and after a few pints had a good nights sleep. This campsite cost £10 a night but Dad reckons he got his monies worth standing under the hot shower to warm up! Yesterday had been cold and wet and they had even had snow up high on the mountains. Snow in June! Luckily no snow on the coastal roads.

They set off this morning and then had breakfast at Tesco in Whitehaven. Five items and a cup of tea for £2.40. Bargain. They have been cycling on cycle paths so have not been on the roads at all today. Dad doesn't even have to map read today as his pal knows the area.

I might get a text later letting me know where they end up today.

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