Sunday, June 7, 2009


Och aye de noo ..... Dad has made it to Scotland! Just had a phone call. He is now in Annan. Only just arrived (7.00 pm) as he has had a head wind all day! He's just put the tent up and no doubt the kettle on. There was no one to take his money and there are just a couple of camper vans on the site.

There has been three of them out today. His pal Pete and his daughter. Don't be getting any ideas that THIS daughter will be joining Dad on the ride!! They cycled along the coast passing through Bowness, Port Carlisle. Head into Carlisle as this was where Pete and his daughter were leaving him. They should have been there at 3.00 but didn't get there til 5.00! Thankfully Pete's wife was meeting them on Asda car park and had a brew on for them! Dad left them and headed onto Gretna but the only camp site he found didn't take tents so he headed on his way.

It's been quite a hard day with the head wind but thankfully no rain. He reckons he has probably done around 60 miles so that takes his weekly mileage to just over 300 miles! Dad was telling me he calculates how far he has gone with a piece of string which he says is 50 miles long! I think what he means it's 50 miles on his map :)

He says he is going to have an "easy" day tomorrow and look for a campsite with a laundrette!

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