Monday, June 15, 2009

Dunoon Part II

Dad is still in Dunoon. It has been pointed out that it is the swine flu capital of the Britain. Dad said he was aware of it and that on the ferry you have to wash your hands when you get on and off which he said was a bit of a problem with his track mits on! Hopefully he has managed to miss any infected folk - well it's not like you'll sit next to someone infected when you are out riding your bike!

Well today Dad caught the ferry back to Gourock and then caught another ferry back across the Clyde to Kilcreggan. It was only a foot-passenger ferry and he had a bit of a struggle getting his bike on but got there in the end. Thankfully he was travelling light without panniers and tent as he had left them on the campsite in Dunoon. From Kilcreggan Dad cycled along Gare Lock and Lock Long which was a sub-marine base. He stopped for lunch in Arrochar and had a hearty Scottish breakfast, including hagis. His breakfast was fuel for the climb up the Rest and be Thankful which is on the A83 It took him an hour to climb the hill on his bike and just 12 minutes to cycle down the other side! The area is also known as Arrochar alps

From there he headed to Cairndow and Loch Fyne, then onto Strachur and down along Loch Eck and back to Lock Long and Dunoon. In total about 55 miles covered. He set out at 8.00 am and got back at 5.00 pm but not all of it was on the bike.

Dad was just cooking up his evening meal when I spoke to him - cup-a-soup, a tin of steak and ale followed by rice pudding and banana!

Weather has been good. The threatened thunder storm last night didn't materialise. A couple of times it has looked like rain but its held off. The midges are still biting and they have taken a liking to Dad's ears!

Well tomorrow I'm off to watch cycling in Hanley but hopefully will get speak to Dad at some point.

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