Sunday, June 14, 2009


Just had a quick chat with Dad. He is now in Dunoon. He cut out Glasgow and caught the ferry across from Gourock to Dunoon. Apparently it's not a very nice ride into Glasgow with quite a bit of cycling on "A" roads. He is planning on having two nights in Dunoon and tomorrow he'll have a ride along the Clyde picking up some of the places he will have missed. He is camping at the end of Holy Lock. In the early 60's Holy Loch was the site of a US Navy Base - that sounds like my sort of campsite!!

Dad has just pitched his tent and is about to start getting his meal. Thunder has been forecast but he is hoping it stays off long enough for him to cook up and eat up as this campsite has table and chairs - a luxury when you are camping on your bike!

Today's route took him up through Ayr, Prestwick, Troon (where they are getting ready for some Golf tournament), Irvine and Largs. He enjoyed the ride today passing through the all the sea-side resorts.

Off now to tally up his weekly total.

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