Saturday, June 20, 2009

Isle of Gigha

Just spoke to Dad (he was lucky to catch me!). He is currently waiting for a ferry across to Gigha where he will stay overnight He is catching the 2.00 pm ferry and returning tomorrow on the 11.00 am ferry. £3 for Dad and the bike! Gigha is only 10 miles round so Dad will hopefully be able to see all of it. Gigha has been recommended as a place to visit. Dad is hoping he might get a bed in the bunkhouse as well!

Yesterday he cycled around 65 miles from Lochgilphead down the Kintyre peninsula to Southend. He is keeping to the west coast as the east coast looks a bit hilly or as Dad put it "there are lots of arrows on the map!!" Weather hasn't been good this last few days but it has picked up a bit now. In Lochgilphead Dad was getting kitted out in his wet weather gear in a bus shelter and a bloke got chatting to him asking what he was doing, etc. The bloke then nipped in to the shop and came out with a Yorkie bar for Dad! Yet more kindness by total strangers!

Scenery has been fantastic. Last few days he's either been cycling along a loch or along the coast. Seen lots of birds and wildlife. Not yet caught sight of any seals or sea lions.

Tomorrow once back on the mainland he will start heading towards Oban where he is hoping to meet up with friends.

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