Thursday, June 11, 2009


Today Dad is in Sandhead.

He is planning on staying there for two nights. Not that he is having a rest day tomorrow. He is going to use the campsite as a base and leave his tent and panniers and tomorrow cycle out to the Mull of Galloway - which is the most southernmost point of Scotland

Here is a webcam ... if you are very lucky you might see Dad cycling up to the lighthouse

Today's route has taken him through Wigtown, Garlieston, Isle of Whithorn, Monreath, Port William and Glenluce. Dad was telling me that Garlieston became part of the Mulberry Harbour project where they practicised the D.Day landings

Today has been quite windy and a lot of the riding was out along peninsulas. He had very clear views of the Isle of Man and he even tried telling me he could hear the bikes (not with his hearing he couldn't!!!).

Tonight he has been the pub for a roast beef dinner. He had to make up for the "light" lunch of Ryvita and cheese.

He was telling me that last night in the pub he was the only one watching the England game - well what can you expect in a Scottish pub! I was hoping Dad wasn't following his normal tradition of having a "nip" for each goal England scored as he needed to cycle back to the campsite. He said he left when England were 5-0 up!

Tomorrow will be a brief update as I'm off out so Dad will drop me a text.

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