Monday, June 8, 2009


Spoke to Dad earlier. He's just south of Dumfries in a place called Dalbeattie. Found himself a good campsite with a laundrette and a pub round the corner ... what more could a biker want! Just googled the campsite and I think this is the one

Dad is having a rest day tomorrow (that's what they call it in the pro-tours!!). I bet the pros don't do their own washing on their rest days! There is also a Golf Course next door. Don't think he'll be trying his hand at a round of golf though ... crazy golf is more my Dad's game :)

He was just about to start cooking tea so I asked what was on the menu tonight, cup-a-soup, bread and cheese, noodles and some nuts! Well I suppose on just the one gas ring that's classed as a banquet :)

Today he has had his first puncture ... must have been a slow one cause he blew the tyre up and it lasted until he got to the campsite. Now sorted though.

He was telling me tonight that when he was cycling through the Lakes with his pal Pete they both went to visit an old biking veteran, Jim Longthorne. Jim had several trikes (three wheel bikes). I wonder if Dad test rode one of those!

Still hoping to get some photos. When/if I do will post them.

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