Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Just had a phone call from Dad. So much for leaving his mobile on between 7.00 and 8.00 pm in case folk want to get in touch. It was 7.25 when he remembered to turn it on!

He was impressed with the Hostel in Liverpool. Had a good nights sleep .... I think this was helped by visiting a few pubs in Liverpool. He got chatting to a bloke in one of the pubs who had a narrow boat moored in Albert Docks.

Today he has had a leisurely ride to Southport. He was there for 12.30. He'd got a contact and somewhere to stay for the night so when he arrived in Southport he gave them a call. He is at a place called Rufford (which I've just googled and found it is a bit off the coast).

He's had a lovely day. Lunch in the garden followed by a walk and they've just had an evening meal in the garden. What a life!

Tomorrow is heading off to Morecambe via Blackpool. I wonder if he will cycle along the "golden mile" !

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