Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Sorry for late posting ... I've been watching the Tour Series in Hanley - might post some photos later once I've uploaded them! Now that's what I call cyclist legs ... not at all like Dad's :) You can catch all the action on ITV4 tomorrow night at 7.00 pm.

I did get chance to speak to Dad earlier. He is now in Glendaruel looking out towards Bute. He is planning on having two nights at the campsite. Tomorrow is laundry and chores day! Today he has cycled from Dunoon and around the peninsular. Not exactly sure from the map the route he took as some places don't appear to have roads. Mind you when has that ever stopped Dad! Weather has been good with no rain. He was chatting to four cyclists he had met from Glasgow and they had had rain and flooding. Luckily all that seemed to have missed Dad!

Edited to include a link to my FB which has photos from the Tour Series from Hanley earlier tonight

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