Thursday, June 18, 2009


Well this morning and last night have been WET! Dad was singing the praises of his Millets tent. Where others were wringing out this morning all Dad's stuff was fine. It rained most of last night and until about 2.00 pm today so Dad had to pack up his tent wet.

Today Dad's route took up around Loch Fyne which at 41 miles long is Scotland's longest loch . He stopped off for tea and a bacon bap in Strachur where he got chatting to a couple that were kind enough to offer Dad a bed when he passes through Stirling (thanks Frank & Ada Logan if you are reading this!). With the weather being so bad Dad was going to call it a day at Inverary where he had stopped for lunch. He thought he would get a bed for the night but when he called at the YHA he found it didn't open until 5.00 pm. So instead of hanging around wet clothes he carried on pedalling and the weather improved so he ploughed on for about 25 miles and is now in Lochgilphead.

Dad just managed to get his tent up and the rain has started again. There are few other bikers on the campsite (who are cooking up their evening meal in the toilets!). Dad has decided to go in town and get a meal and a pint. Apparently that will be his first pint in five days!

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