Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Rest Day

Just had a quick chat with Dad. He is still in Dalbeattie. He hasn't been on the bike all day! Instead he's been making the most of his rest day and has been walking along the cliff-tops. He has also sorted out the slow puncture on his bike. He had a thorn in the tyre.

Last night he nipped around to the Barend Holiday village just down the road from the campsite for a pint. He asked them if while he was there if he could charge the phone. The barmaid said no, that will cost us electricity! Dad explained that he had just bought a pint and that he hadn't got anywhere else to charge the phone and she still said no. So Dad drank his pint, went back to her and said that he had intended to stay for a second pint and was going to come back tonight for a meal and a drink but because they wouldn't charge his phone he wasn't going to give them his business! So if you are ever in the Dalbeattie area ... keep on driving past the Barend Holiday Village - don't waste your money eating or drinking there!

This morning Dad was telling them in the campsite office and they offered to charge his phone! There are still some decent folk around!

Tomorrow he is back on the bike and heading off round the coast.

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