Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Just spoken to Dad. He is now in a place called Creetown which is just south of Newton Stewart. Last night he gave Barend Holiday Village a miss and went for a pint in the Golf Club! Good on you Dad.

His route today took him through Kirkcudbright where he stopped for a bacon buttie. He then headed off to the Gatehouse of the Fleet and stopped in The Old Mill for lunch. He did say the coast road is a lovely ride with very little traffic. Weather has been good as well. However the bugs are bitting .... so it's either a case of riding a little faster or not washing his socks.

He got to the campsite about 3.00 ish and has pitched his tent again next to the toilet block! I wonder if he has to pay extra for the en-suite facilities!

Tonight he if off to the pub for a meal and to watch the England game (is that wise in a Scottish pub!!!).

Tomorrow is heading off towards Newton Stewart. He was telling me a tale that when I was younger he took me walking close to Newton Stewart and it rained all day and the only thing that kept me going was that there was a "cafe round the corner". He used to tell me that on all the walks and fool that I was I believed him.

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