Sunday, June 21, 2009

Lochgilphead - Fathers Day!

Dad is back on the campsite at Lochgilphead. He left Gigha on the ferry and rode back up the A83 into Tarbert. He stopped for his Father's Day lunch - actually it was a hearty Scottish breakfast. Today it has rained/drizzled ALL day. It also rained ALL last night so Dad had to pack up he tent in the rain. When he got to the campsite about 3.00 ish Dad had a hot shower and all his cycling gear went into the driers so at least it will be dry to wear tomorrow.

Dad met up with some Scottish bikers (from Glasgow) last night for a pint on Gigha. One of them is a Port Vale supporter and comes down and watches a couple of games a season. That must double Vale's attendance!

Tomorrow Dad will head to Oban. He is going to cycle along the Crinan Canal He might try and get a bed in the hostel but if he arrives in Oban earlish (and possibly in the rain) he might not hang on til it opens.

He then plans to meet up with a friend (Bill Cooper) where he will spend a couple of days.

Dinner tonight - tin of chicken curry and for pudding banana and rice pudding. If it stops raining he might go to pub if not he's got the Sunday papers to read in his tent with his tin of Guinness!

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  1. Glad to hear Jack is still going well. Looking forward to cycline with him in Northumberland. Send him my regards.

    David Brookes