Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Just managed to speak to Dad. He has been in Duror since yesterday. He met up with his friend eventually. Dad went cycling past his house! Weather really picked up yesterday and Dad is back wearing his shorts! Dad left Oban and cycled along the A828 and over the Connell Bridge. He stopped off in Appin and got into Culi for about 1.00 ish.

Last night Dad and Bill had a walk down to the bay and watched all the shoals of fish. Dad reckons if he had got a net he could have caught loads!

Today they have been by car to Ardnamurchan and to the most westerly point in Scotland.

Tonight Dad has been playing on Bill's flight simulator. They have been trying to land planes in Manchester airport. Heaven help us if Dad wants one of those putting on his computer!

Well that's just about caught up ... oh and Take That last night were BRILLIANT!

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