Monday, June 1, 2009

Liverpool Part II

Just had a phone call from Dad as well ... he's really getting into this mobile communication lark! He cycled with Simon as far as Winsford (20 plus miles) and then they stopped and had a pint of lemonade and lime in Weatherspoons. Dad then headed off onto Frodsham where he stopped for a pub lunch. Most of it through lanes so it was a leisurely ride.

The tricky bit came when he got to the Runcorn bridge. He couldn't find how to get onto the cycle/footpath. He even asked a policeman who couldn't really help! Eventually he managed to find it and cycled across the bridge. I don't suppose it was as exciting as cycling over the Golden Gate Bridge! Once off the bridge he then had to cross two roads to get onto the road he needed. From there he headed off into Liverpool cycling the last six miles along the sea front. What a glorious day to be cycling along the sea front.

He just had a pint and pie and chips and when he rang me was heading off for a walk along the Docks. Bike is safely locked up in the store at the hostel.

He thanked everyone for the lovely send off - he had no idea so many people were turning up!

So day 1 has turned out well ... lets hope for many more of the same.

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