Thursday, June 25, 2009

Camping in the wild ...

Spoken to Dad. He was sitting on the edge of the Loch Eilt and I could hear the waves lapping. Tonight that's were he is camping out in the wild. It's been a lovely day weather wise and Dad was just about to start cooking tea! What a setting .... apparently the Loch has been used in Harry Potter films!

Dad left Culi Bay around 9.15 am. He cycled over the Ballachulish Bridge and then took the Corran ferry. It was free for bikers! He then cycled around the Moirdark peninsular. He stopped off in Strotian to buy food supplies. Dad then found car park to stop for lunch. It turned out to be a car park for a bird hide so Dad headed off there to eat his lunch. He sat and watched seals and their pups and a couple of otters playing. In the end he spent a good hour watching them. From there he headed off on the A861 through Salen and Glenuig. He has probably covered about 60 miles today.

Found out that Dad has had a read of his blog so I had better watch what I write in future!

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