Saturday, June 13, 2009

Culzean Bay

Spoke to Dad earlier (we were sitting at Chester railway station). He is now in a place called Culzean Bay which is that small on the map I had to put my glasses on to read it! It's about 12 miles south of Ayr. He has done around 65 miles today as he had a tail wind! Weather has been great and at 5.00 pm he was still in his shorts sitting in the shade.

The ride from Sandhead took him through Stranraer, Ballantrae, Girvan.

Dad is camping in the grounds Culzean Castle - I just hope he hasn't pitched his tent too close to the Castle! Here are details of the campsite

He had a leisurely day yesterday when he cycled out to the Mull of Galloway. Far easier ride without the tent and panniers! The ride out and back was probably around 40 miles. He had a look around the Lighthouse (unfortunately he couldn't go in) but they had a museum to look around.

Tomorrow he is hoping to get up around to the Glasgow area.

Before I go it's been pointed out to me that there is a guy writing in the Observer about his cycle ride around Britain but he is going in the opposite direction to Dad. I found his blog on-line . Wouldn't it be great if they could meet-up for a beer at the mid-way point!

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