Sunday, June 7, 2009

Week 1 Summary

Just been calculating out how far Dad has travelled so far around the coast on Britain. I tried working it out on google maps but it would never go on the roads I needed so armed with a good old fashioned map, a bit of string and a tape measure .... oh and a cat that was "helping" not .... I've worked out roughly as follows

Day 1 home to Liverpool 56 miles
Day 2 Liverpool to Southport 17 miles
Day 3 Southport to Morecambe 64 miles
Day 4 Morecambe to Barrow in Furness 50 miles
Day 5 Barrow in Furness to St Bees 40 miles
Day 6 St Bees to Allonby 24 miles

So that calculates out to a weekly ride of 251 miles which is bang on schedule!

Saying that not sure how far he will get today so we could be ahead of schedule by tonight.

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  1. My mum and dad have just been round for their usual Sunday tipple with us and they have so enjoyed reading all about the trip can see it will become a regular Sunday feature! If your dad bumps into that bloke from Coast (Neil) ask him to give him my number! Jayne x