Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Glendaruel Day 2

Today has been wash day as well as a bit of a wash out! It rained last night and continued all morning. So Dad has done his washing. £4.00 for a wash and all the drying. He skipped on the ironing ... well he is on holiday! Yeah like he irons when he is at home :) He spent the morning nipping to the laundry and back to the tent dodging the rain. His plan for the day was to take the ferry from Colintravie over to Bute but rain stopped play so he made do with a cycle ride to Colintravie this afternoon when it cleared up a bit. He did have chance to stop for tea and scone in one of the hotels though. Dad said the area is really nice but it is bike/hike terrain (you have to get off your bike and push it up some of the hills).

Yesterday he met up with some fellow cyclists ... a Scottish and Russian champion but Dad never got their names! Also the four cyclists he met from Glasgow had for awhile been based down at the BT training place at Yarnfield and had heard of the likes of Les West and Brian Rourke!

Just watched the Tour Series on TV that I was out watching in Hanley last night. I'm sure I caught a fleeting glimpse of myself. Hard to tell with a camera in front of the face! My moment of fame and you can't see my face.

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