Monday, December 1, 2014

Up and sitting in his chair

I rang and checked on Dad earlier today and they said they'd had him up and out of bed. Hopefully that'll help convince him even more that he isn't quite ready to be knocking on those pearly gates !

Got there early tonight so I made sure I got a parking spot so was in to visit him as soon as the doors opened at 6.30. There he was up and sitting in his chair. Those hospital pyjama bottoms aren't really suitable for sitting in a chair with the gaping fly ... but his modesty was soon covered up as I dragged his blanket off the bed! That's definitely not what a daughter wants to catch an eye full of !  They are slowly removing various tubes and he has some lovely bruises appearing. They've had him up and for a small walk but Dad was a bit like bambi on ice so they got him back in bed ! Hopefully tomorrow they'll get him going a bit further.

He has had a ticking off tonight for the state of his slippers. I know he doesn't like shopping but I could have got him some new ones! I'm not having my Dad walking around in slippers that his toes are peeking through (and no they're not mules he's wearing!). So I've been get him some new ones on my way back from the hospital. I've actually got two pairs so he can try them on and see which ones he likes best! If he likes them both he'll get the other pair at Christmas!

Dad is much brighter and alert today. Been laughing and joking about his hallucinations and he's decided he ain't doing drugs if that's what it is like ! He's had quite a few visitors today and now his shelf is full with Get Well cards !  He's eating well and drinking and when I left he asked for his book to see if he could read a bit which is definitely a good sign that he's on the road to recovery.

I took him a collage of some "selfie photos" that I'd taken of me and him and the collage from his 80th Birthday cake and that cheered him up.  This is a photo from Le Tour in Yorkshire earlier this year ... I've told him his moto is now "put me back on my bike" ...

Many thanks to everyone that has sent their good wishes, folk who have phoned and emailed me. I tell Dad it all and how yesterday he had nearly 150 hits on his blog !

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  1. Thinking about you Jack. In London at the moment but will visit when we get home. Chris and Glenis