Thursday, December 4, 2014

Back in civvies today

A couple of phone calls to the ward and I established that Dad wasn't moving anywhere today, so popped in visit him tonight. He was very popular this evening ... as he also had another two visitors ! Dad was in his element with three ladies sitting around his bed. It's a good job the other two guys in his bay don't have visitors ... as Dad certainly has his fair share. I think he had at least three at afternoon visiting.

A week after surgery and Dad has showered and is in back in civvies. He's done a few laps today and even two flights of stairs and he has passed the physio part. In fact he got awarded a badge. He can put that on display with his 11 - 100 mile challenge walks.  They did bring him a zimmer frame to try and Dad "carried" it along with him. I think that was the point where they decided he didn't actually need a zimmer frame!

Dad has definitely joined the "Zipper Club" now and was showing us his new zip (look away at this point if you are squemish!)

Just noticed that it looks like he's wet himself in the photo ... he's not, he'd just had a drink and I think he's sprung a leak on the wound. I think he needs some bath sealant on that wound :)

Dad is doing good. He probably needs a week or so somewhere to recuperate a bit more and hopefully he'll be moved in the next day or so.

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