Sunday, December 7, 2014

The new slippers have gone walkies !

Popped in on Dad this afternoon. Sunday afternoon parking is a nightmare (I remember back to last week). I'd even got there early in the hope of finding somewhere without having to cycle round every car park on the hospital grounds. This time I did have better luck and managed to sneak my car on some rough ground not too far from the Main Building.

He has had the drain taken out so was mobile again. Only one problem now his new slippers have disappeared! He's probably only done a few laps of the corridors in them. I should have left him with the old ones, no one would have nicked them!  They have given Dad some very fetching red slipper socks as a temporary measure. Today he was dressed so he'd got his shoes and socks on.

He feels better now the drain is out.  He's had his lunch in the day room and was off back down there later to watch the footie.  He even walked me to the door.

Not sure what the next step is and whether he stays there for a few more days or they go back to the plan of moving him to Stadium Court.  Once I know more will update on here.

A bit of an update - Dad has just rang to say Dr has been round and they are happy with him. He's had an ECG and they are happy with that. They are going to do another x-ray tomorrow and then maybe a move to Stadium Court.

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  1. He was well toasted in beer, wine and coffee at the Christmas lunch. Walk had snow, hail, sleet etc but was enjoyed by all.