Wednesday, December 3, 2014

He's doing good

Been to visit Dad tonight. Had a frantic half an hour earlier when I got in from work and found two missed calls (close together) from Dad's ward. I tried desperately to get through to them on the phone but no one was picking up. All sorts of things were going through my head, especially why hadn't they phoned my work or mobile number or even left a message ! When I did manage to speak to someone it was nothing urgent they just wanted to talk to the family (me) about looking into discharging him for convalescent care.  Communication is one of the things that needs sorting in Health Care. Nothing has moved on in the two years since I had all this with Mum.

When I got into see him Dad was on good form. He's had all the stitches out now - so not much holding the middle of him together ! He's had some blood tests today and there is no infection so medically he's fine, he just needs to build up his strength. He's walking a bit further and he's done a few laps of the corridors. They did suggest a walking frame but not sure Dad is keen on that idea!  He's had his lunch and evening meal in the day room.  His new glasses, case and chain (more of string) went down well and the new slippers have now got the "worn in" look to them!

I said yesterday he's now at the end of the corridor (bed 31) and the next place is out of the door.  At the moment they are possibly looking to discharge him to Stadium Court but when (and if) we are not sure. If you are planning on visiting Dad, keep an eye on the blog and as soon as I know he's on the move, I'll update. Would hate for someone to find a parking space, pay parking only to get up on the ward to find they've just booted him out! Dad will be glad to be out as there is one particular guy on his ward that drives Dad (and everyone else) nuts! I think Dad is looking forward to moving on, he's been in there a week today. It will probably be better for me visiting him there and hopefully parking will be much improved !

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