Wednesday, December 10, 2014

He's coming home !

Got a phone call earlier from Dad to say they are letting him home tonight !

Off to collect him at visiting time. Seems an odd time to me to be coming home. Just hope he's had his tea.

He'll need lots of R&R (rest and recuperation) and I just hope he doesn't try to run before he can walk. Give him a few days and I'm sure he'll be up to the odd visitor or two. I would imagine he'll tire quickly so if he tells you "bugger off .... " I suggest you do sharpish :) I've whopped up his central heating, he'll be having palpitations when he sees the gas metre ticking round :)

Again, many thanks for all the good wishes, visits, support, cards, etc. It helps loads.

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  1. All is going well now. May the blessings continue. I wish you all the best.