Saturday, December 20, 2014

It's the weekend

Well Dad had a little walk along to the Drs yesterday. Took his time but he made it there and back ! Said it was cold though. This ain't cold this is fairly mild ! I gave him a call in the afternoon and I got no reply, a bit of panic sets in but I left it 10 minutes and tried again. I'd only managed to catch him in the shower :)

Today he's had his shopping delivered with my Asda online shop so I've been and dropped that off at his this morning and put it all away. His shopping cost a fraction of my weekly shop ... I'm blaming my cat for his expensive tastes !

This morning I've been to visit my Mum in the home, so Dad tagged along for a visit, a chat and a cup of tea! He usually visits Mum once a week and he's not been since before his op so she was really pleased to see him.

Mum with her frame that Dad "customised" with her name and the fairies have put tinsel on it overnight ! 

Dad has also caught up reading this blog.

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