Thursday, December 11, 2014

There's no place like home !

There is definitely no place like home and Dad had a good nights sleep in his own bed. He did say his feet where cold though and he had to get up and find some socks! I let him lie in and he called me when he was awake (about 9.00 ish). Didn't stop me worrying if he was ok though. I rang him just before lunch and then popped round this afternoon. He is doing ok but needs to take it easy for awhile.  He was sorting through all his post - lots of Get Well cards as well as Christmas cards.

Two weeks ago I was worrying as he'd not got back from theatre until late but I'm so pleased I'm not doing hospital visiting tonight as it's a cold and wet miserable night.

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  1. right. You can try to sleep in other places but nothing beats being in your own bed.