Saturday, December 6, 2014

He's doing ok

Checked up on Dad a couple of times during the day and they said not to worry that he was doing ok. The staff even told Dad I'd rang ... I think the phrase was "your daughter is mithering about you"! I did try Dad's mobile a couple of times, it rang (he NEVER has it switched on) but he didn't answer. Apparently it was on silent. As I was out at Chester I just wanted to make sure he was fine ... a daughter is allowed to worry about her Dad :)

Been to visit tonight. He's still got the drain in which unfortunately makes him less mobile. He got a ticking off as he un-screwed the drain and tootled off to the loo at one point!  I bet he was eyeing up the tubes and thinking back to his plumbing days ! No more fluid has drained off so hopefully tomorrow it is coming out. Hope Dad doesn't get someone that has been out on the Christmas party tonight taking it out!

Dad got a better nights sleep as there was no noise but it's bit uncomfortable to sleep with the drain as basically there's only one position to lie in !  He is still in some pain but he's hoping once the drain comes out that'll ease.

I took him a little radio in so he could listen to the football. I asked if he used the headphones and he said no as the other guy on the bay wanted to listen as well and one of the nurses kept popping up ! So the radio was a good idea and Stoke won !   I've also taken him a TV mag so once he's able to pop along to the day room he can find something to watch on TV.


  1. Thanks for keeping us all updated re Jack. We will have a toast to him tomorrow at the Christmas lunch.

  2. Delighted to hear Jack is OK. I'm working in Birmingham during the week and it's taken me a while to track down the blog, but if you could convey our good wishes to him (Al & Chris), I'd be very grateful.