Tuesday, December 2, 2014

He's been moved again !

Been visit Dad tonight and he wasn't in his usual bay and bed 15, so frantically scanned down the list and he's been moved to the end of the corridor .... if they move him any further he'll be out the door ! This is a much quieter bay of 4 beds and a less dependent ward. Dad has been up and walking on his own. He's been down to the day room which is looking very festive. He is off the catheter and has several visits to the toilet - he did go in to detail which was a bit TMI (too much information!). The first visit to the toilet was with a physio and they just wanted to see if Dad could sit down on the toilet and get up himself ... Dad had to reenact the whole scene by dropping his pyjama bottoms! Trust Dad !

He is looking a lot better now he can get about. Just got one IV line to come out now and that should be out tomorrow.  He's eating well and drinking. The scars and bruises are on full show but they seem to be healing good. I took him a couple of Get Well cards and straight away Dad noticed one of the stamps hadn't been franked and said save that stamp, I can reuse it - a sure sign that he's feeling better.

The new slippers are on and Dad even walked over to the bin to drop his old ones off - well I wasn't going to touch them. I think he should have dumped them in contaminated waste! However he has managed to break his reading glasses so that's a new pair of readers needed now.

This was Dad earlier tonight reading his Get Well cards

Many thanks to everyone that sends their best wishes ... I turn up with a list so I can tell Dad.

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