Thursday, December 18, 2014

Three Weeks on from the op ...

Well it's been three weeks since Dad had his op and just over a week since he came home. Been a stressful few weeks but hopefully we are now over the difficult part. Dad is doing good, he gets tired but that's to be expected after such a big op.

We still "check-in" by phone several times a day and I call in on my way home from work.  Dad also gets regular visitors and phone calls from his friends as well.

Dad has been out for a couple of pub lunches this week. On Wednesday he went out with a friend and they headed over to a pub in Market Drayton and even though Dad had said before he'd not got much of an appetite he did manage to polish off steak pie and pint! Today he's been out to The Mainwaring Arms and managed polish off another hearty meal and a pint ! So much for not having much of an appetite !

I've been dropping him a newspaper off on my way to work and he's also been reading his books, so with that, his visitors and trips out he's been keeping himself occupied. He's hoping to go for a little walk tomorrow, just to the end of the street as he has a Drs appointment. I've told him he must carry his mobile phone and an "In Case of Emergency" note with my contact numbers on ! What's the betting he forgets both !

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