Friday, December 5, 2014

A bit of a blip ...

Had two phone calls from Dad today. One around lunch and one around 4.30 to say he was still on the ward and they weren't sending him anywhere today. When I got there at visiting was a bit surpised not to find him sitting in his chair, instead the curtains were round the bed and I could see a couple of feet around his bed which weren't Dads. I headed back to the desk just to check that it was still Dad's bed and they hadn't moved him. Yeah it was him behind the curtains and he'd been for an x-ray today and they'd found some fluid around his lungs so were just inserting a drain. I went and sat in the day room for 10 minutes or so. I then headed back to the ward and there was Dad lying on the bed. A quick u-turn by me as they were just heading back in to clean up around Dad. I thought it was blood, turns out it was fluid. It was red, it was liquid, I'm in a hospital - an easy mistake !

Dad was a bit rough and in some pain. They'd given him a local anesthetic and then inserted the drain and then stitched him. Dad said it was worse that his op (I don't think so!) The Dr came back and checked and they'd drained over a litre of fluid off. He said the body has around five litres so Dad asked for a beer to make up the fluid!  They are going put an IV line back in just in case they need to put him on some fluids later to keep his blood pressure up.

The two guys that were a pain have gone today (cheers all round!) and there's only one other person in Dad's bay so hopefully he'll get a decent nights sleep tonight which will no doubt help. At one point they came in to x-ray the guy opposite so us three visitors had to shufty up by the door whilst Dad just lay there opposite!

Fingers crossed once the fluid is all drained off he'll be back on the road to recovery.

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