Sunday, November 30, 2014

Sunday visiting

Well today has been a day of visiting parents ... first Mum this morning in her residential home and then Dad this afternoon. Set off for visiting Dad early as I thought I'd be better placed to get a parking space. How wrong was I. I visited every car park on the Hospital, together with another little black car that was circling round with me. I even went off and tried on the other site and that road took me back to A&E so I circled that car park again and as I was leaving a couple were walking back to the car park, so I asked them if they were going and they were. I stalked them back to their car and I'd got a space - 20 minutes after I'd arrived at the hospital ! So much for getting their early.

However the lack of parking was soon forgotten as I entered Dad's ward as he was much brighter today. He was sitting up in bed and I soon as I turned up the oxygen mask was off. I started dishing out the treats I'd got him and everyone I got a "no I'm eating that", "no I'm not drinking that" but I opened the grapes and he ate one and opened a carton of orange and he drank that ! He also had a cup of tea. His friend also turned up so between us we kept the conversation flowing. We managed to convince Dad that he wasn't knocking on those pearly gates just yet and once Dad realised he was no longer in Intensive Care he did start to believe us! Dad also realised that "he'd been away with the fairies" and all those people that he was convinced had visited him yesterday might have been in his dream !  We talked about the bike and cycling and where yesterday he'd said he was never riding again today he talked about his next "adventure" on the bike and it was me and him cycling around Westport Lake. That's definitely an improvement! I did say he needed to ask for a supply of whatever Lance Armstrong has been on for all those years for both me and Dad! 

Hopefully later this afternoon they were going to try him sitting in the chair. He'll feel better for that as the others on the ward are up and about.

I left him with his supplies and several get well cards.  So both parent visits went well today.

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