Monday, December 8, 2014

He's still there !

Been visit Dad tonight. Was half expecting a call through the day to say he'd been moved/was coming home but nothing. I nipped in Asda and picked him up a new pair of slippers on the way to the hospital. He'd better get more miles (or at least a mile!) out of this pair. It was suggested that we put elastic on the slippers and fasten it around his ankles (like you did with your gloves when you were kid) so that they didn't get lost again  !

Dad had an x-ray last night and they want to run some more tests before they allow him to be discharged so at the moment he's just hanging around. He did say today has been a bit boring ! I think the highlight of his day was a shower and dropping his lunch down his trousers.

As I was leaving he was heading into the day room to watch a bit of TV.

This is a photo of the corridor, I've walked up and down, up and down daily. Typical that Dad's ward is right at the very end ! I rarely see anyone else in the corridor. It is a bit eerie at times !

Many thanks for all the good wishes, emails, telephone calls, comments on the blog, get well cards and visitors ... they really do help.


  1. Keep getting the mileage in the corridor Jack. Love D&R

  2. I have to agree on the eerie part. It is like in a horror movie of sorts.