Tuesday, December 9, 2014

It's nearly been a fortnight !

Spoke to Dad at lunchtime. He's been for a CT scan this morning. They got him up at 6.00 am and wheeled him off. The Drs have been round and they want to do some more physio on Dad so he's there for another night at least !  I asked if he needed any more clothes (he'd dropped his dinner down his trousers yesterday!) and he said no as he'd managed to swill his trousers in the sink and then hung them over the chair to dry!

He's still got his slippers and they've been on their maiden voyage to the toilet this morning.

Been to visit tonight. Dad is on good form. I asked if he'd any more news and he said no. He's not had any physio yet either. He did say that the Drs turned up when he was in the shower this morning, so when he got back to his bed there was two Drs, a staff nurse and a nurse waiting for him ! Of all the times Dad has to go and take a shower !

Dad said it's been a good day. He's had a few visitors this afternoon so many thanks for cheering up his day. He's almost finished his book and there's footie on the TV tonight.

The bed opposite Dad in his bay we call the "unlucky" bed as there have been at least four or five people in that bed who have not made it to theatre as their op has been cancelled at the last minute and have then been sent home. There is a different man there tonight, he almost made it to theatre today but they postponed his op as they found a complication before they started. If you ever get admitted to Ward 223 and get bed 30, don't bother cancelling your paper as you'll be back home for the morning !

Today's photo is the corridor from the other end ... the only difference is that the signs now say "way out" ! See you thought I was joking when I said I never see another soul in the corridors !


  1. Sounds like he's doing great Kendal, long may it continue x

  2. Keep on going Jack, you are doing great. D&R

  3. Nice to read that he is doing good. These corridor images still creeps me out.