Sunday, August 16, 2009

Ulwell (Swanage)

Dad is camping just outside Swange in a place called Ulwell. Been a glorious day weather wise today. The campsite he is on has a pub just outside and a swimming pool. Has Dad has taken no trunks I don't think he'll be swimming - unless he goes skinny dipping!

Today's route took him through the New Forest and Brokenhurst and Lymington, Everton, Milford-on-Sea, Barton-on-Sea. While cycling along he met another cyclist (from Flint) coming in the other direction and they got chatting. Dad was asking him if there was a route through to Christchurch. Dad stopped for a sausage and fried egg sandwich (bacon must have been off the menu) in Christchurch. Not the best fried egg which was cold! From there it was onto Southbourne and into Bournemouth Cyclists are not allowed to ride along the front between 10.00 am - 6.00 pm in the months of July and August so Dad had to come inland slightly. The route was pretty hilly. From there it was onto Westbourne and then into Sandbanks Dad was on the look out to see if he could pitch his tent in someone's garden! He then got the ferry to Studland. It was then a short ride (90p for Dad and bike) to Ulwell which is on the Isle of Purbeck.

He's been chatting to the people in the tent next door and their daughter is a student at Keele (small world!). Tonight for tea he has cup-a-soup, Old Cowboys Breakfast (sausage and beans in a tin) followed by banana and custard. He had been invited next door to their BBQ but he had already done a shop and didn't want to carry his tins!

Tonight he is off the pub. He'll not be having many as he is down to his last £10 until he can find a cash point. He did say he could either busk or do a bit of plumbing to raise some cash. I think he'd better go for the latter .... I've heard him sing!

Tomorrow he is heading towards Lyme Regis.

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