Sunday, August 23, 2009

Godolphin Cross

Spoke to Dad earlier. He is camping at a place called Godolphin Cross which is slightly inland and about 12 miles short of Penzance. He'd got a poor mobile signal and had to walk up the road to get a few bars on his phone. Today has been a wet day and it's been the first time in many weeks he'd had to pack up his tent in the rain.

Today's route took him from Veryan. He'd enquired at the campsite before leaving about a ferry from St Mawes to Falmouth,_Cornwall and they had sold him a ticket at a cheaper rate. However even though the ferry would take bikes he had to remove all his panniers and tent, etc in order to get the bike on the ferry. He got some help off the ferry people getting on the boat but very little help getting off. However a lady and her two children who Dad had been chatting to on the crossing all helped so it wasn't too bad. Dad stopped in Falmouth for a bacon buttie to shelter from the rain. From Falmouth the route took him through Constantine and into Gweek . Dad didn't stop to look around the seal sanctuary. It was then into Helston where Dad did a shop. Helston is the most southerly town in the UK . It is also close to the Royal Navy Air Station Culdrose . His intention was to camp somewhere around Helston but the first site he found only took caravans. The next site he found had only one space left and that was on hardstanding (not good for putting up a tent!). However he found a campsite at Godolphin Cross and has got himself a nice level pitch (the last two nights he's been sleeping on a slope!).

Forgot to ask what is on the menu tonight but no doubt it will be as appetising as ever !

Dad has roughly 12 miles to Penzance and another 12 miles to Land's End. Hopefully he will met up with a friend at Land's End and pick up his spare wheel release key. Once round the corner at Land's End he will then be on the final leg of his tour.

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