Monday, August 3, 2009

Thorpe-le-Soken (not far from Frinton-on-Sea)

Well Dad is camping in Thorpe-le-Soken which is not far from Frinton-on-Sea He was chatting to someone who said the folk of Frinton don't like change!

Today the weather has been great and Dad was cycling without his jacket at 8.30 this morning. Dad said his goodbyes to Don & Jean Quin (the couple who had a copy of the Observer) and headed off. The route today has taken him from Hollesley and into Shottisham, Sutton and into Woodbridge. He called in the Tourist Information Centre to see if the ferry was running from Felixstowe to Harwich They gave him a number to call and Dad rang and they booked him onto the 12.30 ferry. Dad then had a leisurely ride through the lanes to Marlesham, Newbourne, Kirton, Trimley and then followed a cycle route which took him down to the Docks. Dad then got lost around the Docks area but eventually after asking a few people managed to find the right road to the ferry. He met up again with German family (Ines, Helge, Kathatina and Joshua). There paths had crossed several times over the last few days. Unfortunately as they hadn't booked the ferry they couldn't get on - good job Dad had booked! It was a bit of a faff taking off the panniers and everything and loading them all on the ferry separately. Dad had lunch in Harwich thinking the Germans may be on the next ferry but they weren't so Dad had to leave. From Harwich the route took him through Little Oakley and Great Oakley and into Thorpe-le-Soken.

He's had to do some repairs to his panniers today which are now held together with string! Tonight he will be eating his windfalls .... which comprises of apples, plums, blackberries and an onion! Not entirely sure how the onion got in there! Whilst he was on the phone he looked up and noticed he was sitting under a plum tree so I reckon he'll hope the wind picks up later!

Tomorrow he'll be heading for Southminster.

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