Friday, August 14, 2009

Ryde (day 2)

Dad decided to leave his tent pitched on the campsite just outside of Ryde and go for a ride without his tent and paniers! Weather was a bit misty when he set off but it soon cleared to be a lovely day. He headed off this morning towards Sandown where he managed to pick up a new bike lock for £1.20! It's probably cheap because every lock has the same key! It was then onto Shanklyn, Ventnor where he had his daily bacon bap! From there he headed off to Freshwater,_Isle_of_Wight and had lunch down in the bay. After lunch he headed inland to Newport which was extremely busy on the roads. From Newport he picked up the B roads to Bembridge. He then needed to find Tesco so he could find his campsite again! Dad picked up some provisions while he was there and then headed back to the campsite.

Tomorrow he is heading back onto the mainland where he will be passing through Southampton.

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